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It is my sad duty to pass on that our long term and esteemed member Lionel Mitchel did not survive a car accident during our Cruisin for Crustaceans tour. 


His wife Nancy was in the car and suffered serious injuries.  She was flown to the Baltimore Shock and Trauma Center and remains in serious condition.


We will continue to update you with information as it is received.


Roger Morrison 



Vintage Triumph Register




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Annual Meet for all British Marques


Historic Gunston Hall 

General Repairs,
Lessons Learned
  Vintage Part Sources

CTR thanks the CTR members and Gunston Hall Staff for the assistance and support for this year's show 

BOG 25th logo jwh.jpg
BOG 25th logo jwh.jpg
BOG 25 - Best of Show

BOG 25 - Best of Show

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Upcoming Events


All listings including “*CTR*” are events for which club participation points will be awarded.


CTR events will primarily be announced by evite.

Members can see details of all key events in the monthly Standard


Aug 26 - Classic Car Center Cars and Coffee, Fredericksburg, VA

Aug 27 - Cruisin’ for Crustaceans *CTR*

Sep 2-3 - Virginia Scottish Games British Car Show, The Plains, VA

Sep 10 - CTR Breakfast, Annandale, VA *CTR*

Sep 12 - CTR Executive Steering Board Meeting

Sep 16 - Edgar Rohr Memorial Car Meet, Manassas, VA

Sep 17 - CTR Coffee and Donuts, Carderock, MD *CTR*

Sep 21-24 - 6-Pack Trials, Indiana, PA *CTR*

Sep 24 - Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive, Arlington, VA *CTR*

Sep 27-Oct 1 - VTR National Convention, Dillard, GA *CTR*

Sep 30 - MGs on the Rocks, Rocks State par, MD

Sep 30 - Treasured Motorcars Open House, New Freedom, PA

Sep 30 - Classic Car Center Cars and Coffee, Fredericksburg, VA

Sep 30-Oct 1 - DC British Reliability Run

Oct 7 - Shenandoah Valley British Car Festival, Waynesboro, VA

Oct 8 - Hunt Country Classic, Marshall, VA *CTR*

Oct 14 - Rockville, MD, Antique and Classic Car Show *CTR*

Oct 14 - CTR Post-Rockville Cookout, Laytonsville, MD  *CTR*

Oct 14 - Leesburg, VA, Car Show

Oct 22 - CTR Fall Foliage Run *CTR*

Nov TBD - MG (and Triumph) Test Drive, Centreville, VA *CTR*

Dec 10 - Richmond Triumph Register Holiday Party, Colonial Heights, VA *CTR*

Saturdays, 9:00-11:00, Coffee in the Barn, Classic Motor Museum, St. Michaels, MD, $5


We welcome all to join us at CTR events, please join our club to learn about the collaboration across the British car hobby and Triumphs

2023 CTR - Point of Rocks MD.jpg

CTR Point of Rocks drive 2023

Cars and Coffee Events_edited.jpg

Waiver and Release Statement
All viewers of this website or participants in all CTR events release and forever discharge the Capital Triumph Register (CTR) , and their successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from any individuals' participation with information provided and any form of online media. Viewers of all social media and event participants will release discharge for CTR from any liability or claim that one may have against CTR with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, damage to personal property, or claims. It is expected that participants hold and maintain appropriate insurance for their vehicles, property and individuals. All information presented is for information only. 

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